Pneumatic Tube Fittings

Pneumatic Tube Fittings

We have grouped together some of our best pneumatic tube fittings into a wide range of pneumatic fittings. The pneumatic fittings come complete with variety types. Use this simple components for pneumatic system to connect with other pneumatic components like pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic solenoid valve, and air source treatment.

  • Push In Fittings

    Dopow’s pneumatic push in fittings enable quick tubing connection and disconnection. A variety of male and female push-in connectors, unions, Tee, Y, elbow, bulkhead, reducer‎, thread size ranging from M5, 1/8″ 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″, tube size:4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm NPT and R threads.Metric Size – BSPT Thread (R Thread) R, PT, BSPT — 55° Taper Pipe Thread,Inch Size – NPT Thread  NPT-60° American Standard Taper Pipe Thread,Inch Size – BSPT Thread (R Thread) R, PT, BSPT — 55° Taper Pipe Thread

    PC Male Straight Push In Fitting:

    PE Union Tee Push In  Fittings

    PL Elbow Pneumatic Push In Fitting:

    PZA  Union Cross Push In Fitting

    PCF Female Straight Ppush In Fitting

    PU Union Push In Fitting




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  • Quick Coupling

    Uni-directional shut-off couplers with an automatic shut off valve built in the socket. Recommended for piping of compressed air connections.SH SM SP SF Socket Hose Stem, PH PM PP PF Plug Hose Stem

    Fluid AdmittedAir, Water, Oil
    Working Pressure0—1.0MPa       0—150psi
    Negative Pressure-100Kpa         -29.5 In Hg
    Working Temperature0—60°C          32~140°F
    Applicable TubePU / PA
    MaterialChrome Plated Steel

    Socket Hose Stem:SH SM SP SF 

    Plug Hose Stem: PH PM PP PF

  • Pneumatic Tube

    Dopow Pneumatic Tube also called air tubing, air hose, PU (polyurethane), PA (nylon) and PE (polyethylene) tubing have an excellent performance of resistance against high-pressure, vibration, corrosion and bending. Multiple colors for selection:red, orange, yellow, black, blue, green, nature, transparent, etc.

    PU Pneumatic Tube

    Metric Size – Polyurethanes PU Straight Tubing

    MODELOD. SizeID. SizeLengthDescription
    PU03203mm2mm200mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU04254mm2.5mm200mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU06406mm4mm200mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU08508mm5mm100mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU08558mm5.5mm100mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU106510mm6.5mm100mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU128012mm8mm100mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU161116mm11mm100mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU161216mm12mm100mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing

    Inch Size – Polyurethanes PU Straight Tubing

    MODELOD. SizeID. SizeLengthDescription
    PU1/81/82mm200mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU5/325/322.5mm200mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU1/41/44.23mm200mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU5/165/165mm100mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU3/83/86.35mm100mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing
    PU1/21/28.46mm100mPU Air Straight Pneumatic Tubing

    Polyurethane PUC Pneumatic Coil Tube

    Metric Size – Pneumatic PUC Air Coil Tubing

    MODELOD. SizeLengthDescription
    PUC6-26mm2mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC6-44mm4mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC6-66mm6mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC6-86mm8mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC6-106mm10mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC6-156mm15mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC6-206mm20mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC8-28mm2mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC8-48mm4mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC8-68mm6mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC8-88mm8mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC8-108mm10mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC8-158mm15mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC8-208mm20mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC10-210mm2mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC10-410mm4mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC10-610mm6mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC10-810mm8mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC10-1010mm10mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC10-1510mm15mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC10-2010mm20mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC12-212mm2mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC12-412mm4mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC12-612mm6mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC12-812mm8mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC12-1012mm10mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC12-1512mm15mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC12-2012mm20mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing

    Inch Size – Pneumatic PUC Air Coil Tubing


    MODELOD. SizeLengthDescription
    PUC1/8-11/81mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC1/8-21/82mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC1/8-51/85mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC5/32-25/322mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC5/32-55/325mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC5/32-105/3210mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC5/32-155/3215mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC5/32-205/3220mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC1/4-21/42mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC1/4-51/45mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC1/4-101/410mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC1/4-151/415mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC1/4-201/420mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC5/16-25/162mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC5/16-55/165mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC5/16-105/1610mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC5/16-155/1615mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC5/16-205/1620mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC3/8-23/82mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC3/8-53/85mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC3/8-103/810mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC3/8-153/815mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC3/8-203/820mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC1/2-21/22mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC1/2-51/25mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC1/2-101/210mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC1/2-151/215mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing
    PUC1/2-201/220mPneumatic PU Air Coil Tubing