How to Use a Spade Bit

How to Use a Spade Bit

How do you bore a big hole?Use a spade bit to make a hole larger than you can with a regular drill bit. Here’s how. Have a question? Get an answer now!


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  1. Identify a spade bit by its shape: it looks a little like a flat shovel with a point in the center of the end.
  2. Make a pilot hole first with a regular 1/8-inch bit at the center of where your hole will be.
  3. Line the point of the spade bit up with the pilot hole.
  4. Start the drill motor at a slow speed and hold it steady as the bit grabs the wood.
  5. Increase the drill speed steadily.
  6. Drill completely through the work piece and back the bit out smoothly with the drill still going.


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