SC Standard Cylinder New Designed



 new type old type

new sc standard cylindernew sc standard cylinder

old sc standard cylinderold sc standard cylinder
Mark Symbol no mark
Mark Symbol  NO Mark
 pom advanced guide ring  ordinary guide ring
 pom advanced guide ring  ordinary guide ring
 Adopts good seal more smooth and steady  Adopts general seal
 Adopts good seal, more smooth and steady Adopts general seal
 new sc 1  new sc 2  old sc 2  old  sc 1
Flae sealing ring,good reliability when in fast speed  No flat sealing ring
 Abrasion resistance ring buffer,Noise reduction  Ordinary buffer ring
Abrasion resistance ring buffer, Noise reduction  Ordinary buffer ring

new-sc-standard-pneumatic-cylinder part-noNew SC Standard Pneumatic Cylinder Part NOAll the Cylinder bore and strokesc ordering codeSymbol


CA Cylinder Mounting Bracket

CB Cylinder Mounting Bracket

CB Cylinder Mounting Bracket


TC Cylinder Mounting Bracket


FA/FB Cylinder Mounting Bracket


LB Cylinder Mounting Bracket


Y Joint Cylinder Mounting Bracket

backage1 Inner carton
High quality carton,Can bear the weight of 100kg Inner carton:21*8.5*8.5cm
package1 package2

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About Reture

About Reture-1About DeliveryAbout Delivery-1About PaymentAbout Payment-1Funny timewe are familyJMC Pneumatic Co.,Ltd which is best know JMC Pneumatic brand is one of the most specialized and professional manufacturers and exporters in the fields of pneumatic and hydraulic components. The Product is widely used in automotive, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, environmental products, lighting and textile, ceramics, medical equipment, food and packing industries etc. The qualification of most product has met the technical and quality standard of ISO9001 quality system certification and CE product certification.

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With 15 years’ persistent endeavor of our people, JMC pneumatic has established a whole set of management system, and has passed ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System. We have a high quality personnel, combining sales, production and R&D, in which there are 4 people having masters’ degree, 6 with bachelor’s degree and more than 70% have got college education. JMC pneumatic has wholesome selling procedure and rigorous testing process, we ensure to provide our clients with 100% satisfactory quality product. Our main products are pneumatic cylinder, directional control valve, airline equipment, pneumatic fitting and pneumatic accessories, include standard air cylinder, mini air cylinder, compact air cylinder, twin rod air cylinder, free mount air cylinder, solenoid valve, air operated valve, hand valve, foot pedal valve, mechanically valve, flow control valve, quick exhaust valve, pneumatic valve, air treatment, plastic air fitting, plastic silencer, cylinder joint accessory, auto switch, magnetic sensor, solenoid valve manifold, PU tube, coil tube, pneumatic air gun, shock buffer. 70% of the product are sold to more than 50 countries and regions such as the America, Korea, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and New Zealand and so on and has got popularity among various countries and regions.

air cylinder pneumatic valve air-line-equipment air fitting pneumatic accessories

 JMC Pneumatic continually develop various kinds of new product according to the market trend and have established our own brands as “JMC”. The mission of our company is “Let automation makes life easier” and we aim at establishing a company image of making perfection more perfect, keeping forward, pursuing innovation, be brave in practice.

JMC label
JMC Pneumatic thanks the friends from all social works for your support and reliance, we will persist on inheriting the enterprise culture, cultivating scientific and technological talents, fulfilling social responsibility. All the staff of our company are expecting to go with you hand in hand, and cooperate win-win, hope we go together for a “professional, effective, reliable” long life greatness.

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