Here is a  video introduce how the pneumatic cylinder apply for the Filling and packing line Blister Kind of packaging:  plastic cups, plastic containers Packed products:  meat, fish and seafood, grocery, sauces, dairy products, household chemicals, confectionery, ready meals, fruit and vegetables, medicine Feature:  in-line process is performed a full cycle of operation, starting with the blowing of the plastic container or cup with a polymeric film, filling them with a product via the dispenser or stacker sealing cover material with the printed labels and cutting sealed containers and cups, filled with product into separate units or containers (cups) SC Pneumatic cylinder used in blister packing machine Pneumatic cylinders (sometimes known as air cylinders) are mechanical devices which use the power of compressed gas to produce a force in a reciprocating linear motion Cylinder design The basic, rod-style industrial cylinder consists of a tube sealed by end caps. A rod attached to an […]   Read More >>

What is the theoretical output of the SMC Air cylinder? There is a table in the air cylinder documentation listing the theoretical outputs. Tables disclosing theoretical output are also contained within the cylinder catalogues for each series. (Cylinder Output = Piston Area x Operation Air Pressure) Air Cylinder Model Selection What is the theoretical output of the cylinder dopow from Jing YE   Read More >>

Why does a 5 port solenoid valve not work correctly with low pressure (0.1 MPa)? The spool of a 5 port solenoid valve is operated using air pressure from the inlet port of the valve. If the pressure supplied to the inlet port of the valve is less than the minimum working pressure (generally around 0.1 to 0.2 MPa, depending on the particular product), there may not be sufficient pressure available to ensure the correct operation of the spool. If you require a 5 port solenoid valve for use with low pressure, we recommend that external pilot or direct operated type valves are selected. Internally piloted type valves generally use a small direct operated 3 port pilot valve to supply the pressure to the main valve. When the solenoid of the pilot valve is operated, pressure is directed to the spool of the main valve causing it to operate.   Read More >>

Mini Pneumatic Cylinder Apply for the Electric Pattern Sewing Machine   Read More >>

In the past 20 years, many pneumatic components has entered into for industrial applications. Pneumatic components is easy to use, clean, safe and relatively quiet, you can create a better working environment, while saving energy for minimal environmental impact. Today, the use of pneumatic components are found in almost all industries, while cost-efficient, demand for automation solutions continued to grow. You only need to call out the name of the application, we are confident that we will be able to find the answer. Now, let’s talk the woodworking industrial. Here we have MZB21A multi-drilling woodworking machine, which can apply to processing all  kinds of density boards ,shaving boards, wood-based panels ,PVC boards ,organic glass plates and solid wood drilling We can see following dopow’s pneumatic components apply in this machine.       Read More >>

How to Use a Spade Bit How do you bore a big hole?Use a spade bit to make a hole larger than you can with a regular drill bit. Here’s how. Have a question? Get an answer now!   Things You’ll Need  Instructions   Identify a spade bit by its shape: it looks a little like a flat shovel with a point in the center of the end. Make a pilot hole first with a regular 1/8-inch bit at the center of where your hole will be. Line the point of the spade bit up with the pilot hole. Start the drill motor at a slow speed and hold it steady as the bit grabs the wood. Increase the drill speed steadily. Drill completely through the work piece and back the bit out smoothly with the drill still going.   Fill out my online form.   Read More >>

How to Drill a Hole in a Glass Bottle? So, you want to drill a hole in glass, but you are scared that you might just break it? Your fear is justified, as novices who try to drill a hole in a glass, often end up breaking it, but you can relax a bit now, as the following Dopow article is here to help you with your task. Required Materials power drill tool glass drill bit  Sandpaper    Several glass bottles — for practice    Safety goggles    Spray bottle with water    Wet cloth    Cut-resistant gloves   Preparing for Drilling Grab a glass bottle to practice on before drilling into the bottle intended for your art work. Even with the best precautions, the glass can still break when drilled, so exercise caution and protective clothing, gloves and eye wear. When handling your glass, wear safety goggles or glasses; laboratory glasses with side-shields keep glass away from your eyes. Wear cut-resistant gloves with latex palms for grip and to keep you safe from any shards of glass. Avoid […]   Read More >>

Pneumatic air cylinder designs from Dopow offer innovative pneumatic cylinder design features for the automation industry. Engineers trust Dopow actuators to provide long life, and reliable service. Dopow products are specified in all major industrial markets. Dopow products are created to provide you with the various of choices.   Mini Pneumatic Cylinder Features Our standard air cylinder features include: 1. wide range of bore sizes, with 16 mm/20mm/25mm/32mm/40mm bore sizes 2.multiple mounting configurations and auto switch capability as a standard on most series. 3.Dopow products are designed for precision performance and reliability. Our global production facilities provide product availability from all industrialized countries around the world. 4.Pneumatic products from Dopow are available in a wide variety of styles, available in spring return, spring extend, or double acting, offer stainless steel as well as aluminum alloy . 5.Each series comes with a full complement of standar […]   Read More >>

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