300M-03F Solenoid Valve Manifold 3 station for 4v310-08

Dopow Solenoid Valve Manifold are a compact, cost effective solution for mounting multiple solenoid valves. Single to 12-station manifolds are available. Series 300M Solenoid Valve Base suitable for 4V310-08 4V310-10 4V320-08 4V320-10 4V330-08 4V330-10

This Solenoid Valve Base is an ideal accessory for solenoid valve.

  • 300M: Base for 300 series valve use.
  • With this valve base, the solenoid valve is perfect for electrically driven pneumatic power control.
  • Manifolds are designed for mounting multiple pneumatic valves (Solenoid or Air Pilot Actuated).

1F=1Row=1 Station
1 to 20 station optional, leave a message about which you need.

Product NameSolenoid Valve Base
Model No.300M-3F
Tube HoleG3/8″
Suitable Valve Model4V310/4V320/4V330     4A310/4A320/4A330
1F=Row=1 Station
Package Content1 x Solenoid Valve Base
3 x Rubber Gaskets
6x Screws