AR5000-10 Air Regulator AR Pressure Regulator G1”

Dopow airline equipment – AR regulator family -AR5000-10 Air Regulator 1 inch modular, design of the AR series connects with other air preparation equipment. AR2000-5000 Air Regulator Modular Style, Rc (PT), G (PF) or NPT thread option


1. Embedded pressure gauge is a standard feature.

2. Ozone resistant rubber material

3. Improved relief sensitivity.

4. Rc (PT), G (PF) or NPT thread option.

5. Port size: M5, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1

6. Easy to maintain and operate, long service life.

7. AR series air regulator is same as & nice replacement for SMC type.

8. It is standard regulator for air treatment units, and also can use with other equipment for regulate the air pressure

Item NumberAR2000-02AR3000-02AR3000-03AR4000-03AR4000-04AR4000-06AR5000-06AR5000-10
Minimum Operating Procedures1/4”1/4”3/8”3/8”1/2”3/4”3/4”1”
Port Size   (PT)5502500250060006000600080008000
Cup CapacityAir
Nominal Flow Rate(L/Min)1.5MPa(15.3kgf/cm2)
Working Medium1.0MPa(10.2kgf/cm2)
Proof Pressure5~60℃
Maximum Operating Pressure0.05~0.85MPa
Ambient and Fluid TemperatureB220B320B320B420B420B420B640B640
Pressure Range0.270.410.410.850.840.941.191.19