Pneumatic Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

DOPOW has been processing pneumatic hydraulic cylinders for 20 years. During these 20 years, DOPOOW has accumulated rich technical experience and has a technical team composed of senior engineers and professional technical personnel.

Development, design, production and technical consulting and maintenance services for pneumatic cylinders. Can meet the various needs of the majority of users of pneumatic hydraulic cylinders.

Dopow -Your Expert Pneumatic Hydraulic Cylinder Supplier

The  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders produced by DOPOW are divided into: thin  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders, heavy duty  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders, engineering  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders, rotary  pneumatic hydraulic cylinderss, and magnetic  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders.

DOPOW’s  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders are used in a variety of equipment and automated production lines.

DOPOW’s pneumatic hydraulic cylinder uses the oil seal of Taiwan Dingji, which has good temperature and pressure resistance. The cylinder tube is refined by the honing process. The piston rod and steering rod are designed with advanced design and self-centering. Institutions, positioning is more precise. DOPOW’s  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders have a long service life. The magnetic cylinder is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, and is equipped with a permanent magnetic ring. It can sensitively trigger the magnetic switch to sense the working position of the piston and accurately position it.

Because the  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders has a larger par diameter and a thicker barrel wall, cover, head and piston, the  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders is more rugged, with a pressure range of 1,500 to 10,000 psi, which can handle its extra force , some equipment uses  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders instead of cylinders. Compared with pneumatic cylinders,  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders have superior controllabilit

Customers can choose different  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders according to their own requirements, such as different cylinder diameter and stroke length, hard buffer and soft buffer, buffer under different use conditions, reduce noise, reduce cylinder impact force, protect  pneumatic hydraulic cylinders The service life.

Of course, DOPOW can also be equipped with other supporting facilities for customers: such as supporting hydraulic stations.

DOPOW provides customers with a full range of customized services, from equipment selection, cost budgeting and domestic and foreign transportation recommendations.

DOPOW not only produces pneumatic hydraulic cylinders, but also various accessories for pneumatic hydraulic cylinders. It also includes cylinders, solenoid valves, joints and other products to provide an overall package for all kinds of equipment.

DOPOW’s outer box packaging uses standard export packaging and customer-specified export packaging.

If you are interested in DOPOW’s products, you can contact us by email and we will respond within two hours of receiving the email.