Compact Pneumatic Cylinder

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This free mount cylinder is a space-saving cylinder that enables the direct mounting of cylinders on multiple sides.

It is lightweight and more compact due to the adaptation of a square shape piston.

The Dopow compact type cylinder does not protrude from the body when mounting an auto switch.

All of our polygonal piston square type cylinder is manufactured in our advanced technology. You can avail our polygonal piston square type cylinder at very affordable rates.

Dopow has the full ability to manufacture, supply, and distribute you enough stocks of high-quality compact pneumatic cylinder.


Your Leading Compact Pneumatic Cylinder Supplier

Delight your customers with our excellent grade compact pneumatic cylinder. We are professionally fabricated top graded different features of all types of compact pneumatic cylinders.

As a leading world-class compact pneumatic cylinder manufacturer and supplier, Dopow fabricates using high technology machines.

Aside from pneumatic cylinder, Dopow also expertly manufactures pneumatic valve, air fitting, and pneumatic accessories, airline equipment, compact air cylinder, and many more.

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Why Dopow Compact Pneumatic Cylinder

Dopow compact pneumatic cylinder is shortened relative to Dopow standard pneumatic cylinders.

They still maintain the capacity to exert the same force as their larger counterparts even though they take up to 50% less space than the normal.

When selecting the proper compact pneumatic cylinder, you should know the important parameters.

It can be broken up into general, performance, dimensional, materials, and features.

Let us see why you should choose Dopow Compact Pneumatic Cylinder.

Dopow team is a professional manufacturer of all pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders for 20 years.

We can expertly manufacture an excellent quality compact pneumatic cylinder for you!

Dopow can fabricate a compact pneumatic cylinder with many options and features to satisfy an extreme variety of customer applications.

Our wide range of pneumatic cylinders can be square-shaped. It can offer various mounting features and can be placed with adjacent cylinders at a close center-to-center dimension.

For enhancing cylinder capability for long term durability and unexpected side loads, we can offer you piston bearings, chrome-plated rods, and hard anodized bore.

Other features of our Dopow compact pneumatic cylinder may include extruded sensor mounting, metric dimensions, and non-rotating styles.

Dopow compact pneumatic cylinder is best suited for space-constrained applications or anywhere shorter stroke or high force are required.

These Dopow compact pneumatic cylinders are fabricated with stainless steel bodies and high strength aluminum end caps with full-flow ports.

We designed the body of the cylinder as polished to a mirror finish to minimize friction.

All of our compact pneumatic cylinders are pre-lubricated for long, reliable life and optimum performance.

In China, Dopow is one of the top suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors of pneumatic cylinder for 20 years.

All of Dopow products are engineered in our world-class manufacturing facility.

Aside from a compact pneumatic cylinder, Dopow also expertly manufactures pneumatic valve, air fitting, and pneumatic accessories, airline equipment, compact air cylinder, and many more.

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