OU Filter Regulator Lubricator Micro Festo Air Preparation

The OU Micro Festo Air Preparation consisted of OFR and OL,each unit can be ordered separately.

  • The proportional lubricator adds a regulated quantity of oil to the filtered air.The oil-mist content proportional to the flow and oil can be added during operation.The oil drip rate is controlled by the adjustable bolt.Normally,1to 12 drops /1000L of the air is sufficient.

1.The OU consisted of OFR and OL,each unit can be ordered separately.
2.The OF with water separator cleans the compressed air of fluid oil,condensation and dirt particles.For special application,the standard 40μm filter element may easily be replaced by a 5μm filter element.
3.The OR maintain imputting constant operating pressure despite fluctuation in line pressure and the amount of air consumed.

MediumCompressed air
Features of structureDirectly actuated diaphragm regulator, Sintered filter with centrifugal separation, Proportional standard mist lubricator
Mounting typePipe mounting or foot mounting
Assembly positionVertical ±5°
ConnectionFemale threadConnecting plate

Standard nominal flow rate





Primary pressure


Working pressure


Min. Standard nominal flow rate

3 l/min

Grade of filtration


Capacity of condensate fluid

6.5 cm²

Temperature range


Materials information

Housing:Wrought aluminum alloy;Filter bowl and oil bowl:PC;
Sealing:NBR;Adjusting knob:POM