Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing hydraulic cylinder
  • Custom hydraulic cylinder for your applications
  • Excellent quality hydraulic cylinder
  • Competitive prices

Dopow has a wide range of hydraulic oil cylinder for your system. We will give you the best hydraulic oil cylinder to showcase your business.

Dopow High-Pressure Hydraulic Press is certified to ISO 9001 and CE. We make sure that all of our clients can get the best High-Pressure Hydraulic Press.

We have different models of Hydraulic Rotary actuators to suit your applications.

Dopow Outrigger Hydraulic Cylinder is widely used in a different industry, machinery, and automation. You can use our Outrigger Hydraulic Cylinder for the caravan.

We can custom the Double Acting Telescopic cylinder. These are manufactured to individual specifications to meet the requirements of today’s applications.

Your Leading Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

Dopow is a professional hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in China. As a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, we create and produce all types of the hydraulic cylinder including hydraulic oil cylinder, high-pressure hydraulic press, hydraulic rotary actuator, outrigger hydraulic cylinder, and many more.

We manufacture hydraulic cylinder made from an impressive quality of materials. We will extend our hands to help you get your desired hydraulic cylinder for your business.

We can manufacture and distribute world-class hydraulic cylinder to boom your business!

Send us your inquiry now! We will give you the best hydraulic cylinder.

Why Dopow Hydraulic Cylinder

Dopow offers a large variety of hydraulic cylinders to suit customer’s requests. We have single acting and double acting Dopow hydraulic cylinder, nominal pressure hydraulic cylinder, and rod stroke.

All components of Dopow hydraulic cylinder like hydraulic pumps and hydraulic hose are available at Dopow.

Compared to our pneumatic cylinders, Dopow hydraulic cylinder can produce greater force with a smaller pump.

Dopow hydraulic cylinder is widely used in the airplane and construction machinery industries. Because the mechanism of Dopow hydraulic cylinder is simpler than a pneumatic mechanism. And the size of the whole hydraulic cylinder can be reduced.

At Dopow, we have customized designed hydraulic cylinders for machinery, industry, and automation. We strive to produce and distribute the right hydraulic cylinder for you.

There are types of the hydraulic cylinders we could offer to our clients. It is a fixed hydraulic cylinder and portable hydraulic cylinders.

We make sure that all of our hydraulic cylinders is functional that perfectly addresses the needs of the engineers.

Finding the right hydraulic cylinder and a reliable manufacturer is not easy! That is why we ensure the most important operating specifications for our hydraulic cylinders.

It includes cylinder type, stroke, bore diameter, maximum operating pressure, and rod diameter. It needs to have a variety of stroke lengths for your hydraulic cylinder from fractions of an inch to many feet. Dopow provides different types of the cylinder such as tie-rod cylinder, welded cylinder, and ram cylinder.


At Dopow, not just a hydraulic cylinder we could offer to our clients. Accessories for hydraulic cylinders can be available at Dopow. It can be the power units and pumps, along with pump flanges, seal kits, and rod-end bearings.

All in all, Dopow is your reliable and one-stop solution for your hydraulic cylinder needs. We provide the highest quality hydraulic cylinder for different applications.

We can also customize your hydraulic cylinder based on your varied specifications.

Whether you are a hydraulic cylinder supplier, distributor, or custom factory, relying on Dopow is always a good choice.

In fact, all of our hydraulic cylinders and any other products have passed any certifications such as ISO 9001 and CE.

We are glad and excited to work with you as your long-term business partner.

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