S3PF 1/8″ PT Thread Three Way Two Position Momentary Mechanical Valve S3PF-06

S3 Series Mechanical Valve S3PF-06 2 position 3 way mechanical valve. S3B pneumatic mechanical valve basic type, S3R mechanical valve roller type, S3L mechanical valve roller with free return type, S3HL lever type, S3V mechanical valve vertical type, S3PL mechanical valve Latching type, S3PP mechanical valve protruding type, S3PM mushroom type mechanical valve, S3HS selector type mechanical valve. Mechanical valves are reversing valves controlled by external mechanical force. When the external force disappears, the valve will reset itself and reverse the direction. Normally used to control the output signal of pneumatic systems. Manual Control Mechanic valve.

1. The External force required by changing the direction of the series of S3B,S3L,S3R and S3V.is provided by external mechanism, which can be used for position test or limit switch:
2. The series of S3HL, S3PL, S3PP, S3PM, S3PF and S3HS are operated manually, owning control joints with several structure forms and suitable for application under different conditions.
3. Shut-off structure has good tightness and is sensitive in direction changing and lubricant is not necessary.
4. Multi-mounting makes it convenient to install and apply.

FluidAir(filtered through 4µ filter element
OperatingTimes New Roman
Port sizeM5:M5 06:PY1/8 08:PT1/4
Operating pressure0~0.8MPa(0~114(psi)
Proof Pressure1.5MPa(0~215psi)
Valve Type3port 2 position
Ambient fluid temperature-5~60℃(28~140°F)
LubricationNot required
Material of BodyAluminum alloy