Needle Cylinder

  • Non-rotating, adjustable needle cylinders
  • Provide superior blow pressure and exhaust
  • Made up from high-class materials
  • Over 20 years in manufacturing needle cylinder

Dopow is one of the leading manufacturers of a single 8 needle cylinder for more than 20 years. They have the most comprehensive pneumatic and hydraulic range available in the marketplace.

The certified manufacturer, Dopow is supplying double jersey cylinder at different designs and sizes.

Discover Dopow joint cylinder, the most comprehensive cylinder range available in the marketplace.

If you need a double computer jacquard cylinder, don’t hesitate to call the customer service of Dopow. We will provide quick answers!

Your Leading Needle Cylinder Supplier

As a leading pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in China, Dopow creates and produce all types of needle cylinder.

We are experts in manufacturing single 8 needle cylinder, double jersey cylinder, joint cylinder, double computer jacquard cylinder, and many more.

We manufacture a needle cylinder made from an impressive quality of materials.

Dopow can construct and distribute a world-class needle cylinder to boom your business!

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Why Dopow Needle Cylinder

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy needle cylinder manufacturer to support your business?

You can feel confident when selecting Dopow needle cylinder.

Finding the right needle cylinder nowadays is not easy.

That’s why Dopow produces a wide range of Dopow needle cylinders for your circular knitting machine which includes a cylinder jacket.

Our needle cylinder comprises air nozzles directed toward at least one recess area or lug foot.

The Dopow needle cylinder is non-rotating, adjustable needle cylinders that provide superior blow pressure and exhaust.

It has a non-rotating shaft to keep needle tip in the proper orientation.

There are two build types of Dopow needle cylinder, the manifold needle cylinder, and high flow needle cylinder.

Our Dopow needle cylinder high flow version increases run time between cleaning of the plate out materials.

This cylinder is field repairable easily in order to maximize your investment.

Our series of Dopow needle cylinder comes with standard built-in shock pads.

This can eliminate metal to metal contact and absorbing impact energy.

The steel piston rods of these cylinders are chrome-plated that provide maximum wear resistance for long life.

Our Dopow needle cylinder comes with a clear anodized extruded body.

At Dopow, available bore sizes of our needle cylinders are 32mm, 40mm, and 50mm.

The bore standard strokes are 32mm, 40mm, and 50mm.

And of course! A customizing needle cylinder is acceptable at Dopow.

Send us your specific requirements for your ideal needle cylinders.

When ordering a needle cylinder from Dopow, you can freely choose the options whether attached flange or mirror-port and non-rotating shaft.

As a professional pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, we are glad to distribute outstanding needle cylinder to delight your customers and as well as showcasing your business.

At Dopow, we make sure that all of our needle cylinders are manufactured with high-grade materials.

Dopow has highly qualified employees who are trained inhouse to ensure the highest quality of our cylinders.

Generally, Dopow is your reliable and one-stop solution for all your needle cylinder needs.

Through the years, we are one of the top manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of all types of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder components.

All of Dopow products are engineered in our world-class manufacturing facility.

You can get our Dopow needle cylinder at cost-effective rates.

For more information about our needle cylinder, just keep in touch with us.

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