PG Union Straight Reducer Push in Fitting

Dopow PG Union Straight Reducer Fitting in line connection of two tubes of different tube ΦD.come in a variety of sizes to satisfy various tube demands

  • Easy to connect tube by one touch, and the is applicable for Polyurethane tubing and Nylon tubing
  • The brass components are nickel plated brass and Teflon-treatment is used on all tapered threads

Feature of PG Union Straight Reducer Fitting

  1. Pneumatic fittings are equipped with a Gasket, Stainless steel grab-ring to grip nylon or PU tubing.
  2. Pressure Range: 0~1.0 MPa (0~150 PSI) Temperature Range: 0~60ºC (32~140ºF)

Specification PG Union Straight Reducer Fitting

Metric Size Tube

MODELTube SizeTube SizeDescription
PG 06-046mm4mmUnion Reducer 6mm 4mm
PG 08-048mm4mmUnion Reducer 8mm 4mm
PG 08-068mm6mmUnion Reducer 8mm 6mm
PG 10-0410mm4mmUnion Reducer 10mm 4mm
PG 10-0610mm6mmUnion Reducer 10mm 6mm
PG 10-0810mm8mmUnion Reducer 10mm 8mm
PG 12-0612mm6mmUnion Reducer 12mm 6mm
PG 12-0812mm8mmUnion Reducer 12mm 8mm
PG 12-1012mm10mmUnion Reducer12mm10mm
PG 14-1214mm12mmUnion Reducer 14mm 12mm
PG 16-1216mm12mmUnion Reducer 16mm 12mm

Inch Size – Inch Size

MODELTube SizeTube SizeDescription
PG 1/4-5/321/4″5/32″Union Reducer 1/4″ 5/32″
PG 5/16-5/325/16″5/32″Union Reducer 5/16″ 5/32″
PG 5/16-1/45/16″1/4″Union Reducer 5/16″ 1/4″
PG 3/8-5/323/8″5/32″Union Reducer 3/8″ 5/32″
PG 3/8-1/43/8″1/4″Union Reducer 3/8″ 1/4″
PG 3/8-5/163/8″5/16″Union Reducer 3/8″ 5/16″
PG 1/2-1/41/2″1/4″Union Reducer 1/2″ 1/4″
PG 1/2-5/161/2″5/16″Union Reducer 1/2″ 5/16″
PG 1/2-3/81/2″3/8″Union Reducer 1/2″ 3/8″