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  • 20 years’ experience in manufacturing pin cylinder
  • Fully customized pin cylinder
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For any particular need, we can manufacture a pin cylinder lock to meet your special requirements. You can avail of our Dopow pin cylinder lock at affordable prices.

All of Dopow stretch pin cylinder is made with quality raw materials for its long functional life.

At Dopow, we can construct all types of double-acting pin cylinder which are suitable for various applications. Dopow has a complete line of pin cylinder products, maximize unit performance effectively.

A single-acting pin cylinder can be customized. Here at Dopow, we can fabricate your ideal single-acting pin cylinder based on your drawings or layout.


At Dopow, we have all types of pin shift cylinders that you can avail at the lowest price but with trusted quality.


Your Leading Pin Cylinder Supplier

Through the years, we have the ability and experience in the manufacturing industry where we can serve our customers.

We take the most sort range of pin cylinder products and pin cylinder related commodities.

Dopow is one of the leading OEM pin cylinder manufacturers in China.

At Dopow, we have the capability to produce a pin cylinder through our state-of-the-art production equipment.

We can accommodate custom pin cylinders and provide excellent solutions.

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Why Dopow Pin Cylinder

Dopow can give a one-stop solution for your pin cylinder needs.

We have full capability to offer unique designs and reliable Dopow pin cylinder to a specific project.

With that, you can focus to delight your customers.

Dopow can offer you a single-acting pin cylinder and double-acting pin cylinder.

Dopow pin cylinder is built with a compact design that minimizes mounting space.

Our pin cylinder can accommodate many design styles through our different mounting styles.

We have foot mounting styles, basic nose mounting styles, flange mounting styles, clevis mounting styles, and trunnion mounting styles.

What’s more, the auto switch capable model is also available from Dopow.

Dopow can manufacture a pin cylinders in different bore sizes.

Available bore sizes from Dopow are 6mm, 10mm, and 15mm with strokes ranging from 5mm to 30mm.

Other features of our pin cylinders include stainless steel piston rod, brass panel mounting, and brass bodies.

Dopow is one of the top pin cylinder manufacturers in China.

We manufacture really promising and high-quality pin cylinder with different bore sizes and surface finish.

We can construct and distribute Dopow pin cylinder with the best available raw materials.

Dopow will make sure that all our pin cylinder offers the best performance with the efficient output.

Dopow is dedicated to the entire resources to the field of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder products.

In China, Dopow is the preferred name choice for all types of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder products such as pin cylinders.

We are accumulated over 20 years of experience and have a proven record of accomplishment of developing new hydraulic cylinder products.

Indeed, all of our pin cylinders and any other products from Dopow have passed any certifications such as ISO 9001 and CE.

Whether you are a pin cylinder supplier, distributor, or custom factory, relying on Dopow is always a good choice.

Our full capacity of pin cylinder manufacturing can give you a one-stop solution.

With that, you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers.

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