AFR-2000 G1/4” Pneumatic Air Filter Regulator with Gauge

Dopow Pneumatic Air Filter Regulator AFR BFR Series, port size: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, easy to maintain and operate, long service life.

  • The structure is delicate and compact, which is convenient for installation and application.
  • The pressed-in-self-locking mechanism can prevent the abnormal movement of the set pressure caused by external interfere.

AFR-2000 G1/4” Pneumatic Air Filter Regulator with Gauge


  1. The pressure loss is low and the efficiency of water separating is high.
  2. In addition to standard type, lower pressure type is optional (The highest adjustable pressure is 0.4MPa).

Installation Usage

1. Before installing, be sure the unit has not been damaged via transportation.

2. Be aware of the flow direction and the port size.

3. Be sure the pressure, the temperature, and other specifications have been correctly ed.

4. Be aware of the fluid and environment. The bowl will be corroded under chloride, carbonization acid and AL Kail environments.

5. Please change the filter element regularly.

6. If the fittings need to be removed from the F.R.L unit for a period of time, be sure to block the thread port with protecting cap, to keep the dust away.

Port size1/4”1/4”3/8”1/2”
Filtering grade40µ m or 5µ m
Pressure rangeSemi-auto and automatic drain:0.15~0.9MPa(20~130psi) Manual drain:0.05~0.9Mpa(7~130Psi)
Proof pressure1.5MPa(215psi)
Temperature range-20~70℃
Capacity of drain bowl15CC60CC