Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

  • Because of the small stroke and long stroke, which saves the largest installation space
  • Small size, large holding force, light weight, wide range of travel options, convenient maintenance
  • 20+ years’ experience in manufacturing rodless pneumatic cylinder

Basic magnetic coupling type rodless cylinder, the appearance of the load is relatively small, suitable for loading small workpieces or robots to move

Magnetically coupled rodless cylinders are used in various industries such as automobiles, subways and mechanical equipment, opening and closing doors of production lines, movement positioning of robot coordinates,, cloth paper cutting electrostatic painting.

Various cylinder bores: 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63mm, adjustable buffer type and non-adjustable buffer type, equipped with hydraulic buffer to achieve smooth operation. Can be installed with magnetic switches or proximity switches to achieve connection with PLC or computer for command control purposes.

Your Leading Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacturer

As a leading world manufacturer and supplier of a world-class rodless pneumatic cylinder, Dopow fabricates using high technology machines.

Captivate your customers with our excellent grade rodless pneumatic cylinder. We can expertly fabricate top graded different features of all types of the rodless pneumatic cylinders.

To manage the designing process of your specific rodless pneumatic cylinder, Dopow has the most active engineers. If you want Dopow to get bases on your wanted designs, we will consider that.

We have full capabilities to manufacture, supply, and distribute you enough stocks of the high-quality rodless pneumatic cylinder.

We know that finding a rodless pneumatic cylinder nowadays is not easy. When looking for a reliable pneumatic cylinder, don`t hesitate on asking us for help.

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Why Dopow Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

Dopow brand is one of the professional and specialized manufacturers and exporters in the fields of hydraulic and pneumatic components.

Dopow’s full line of rodless pneumatic cylinder actuators and parts is widely used in a variety of research and development, industrial, production, lab, and quality inspection applications.

Dopow rodless pneumatic cylinders offer optimized stroke length in a compact size.

This can save facilitates and space machine design.

Our series of the rodless pneumatic cylinders offers a high-performance guided slide unit which is an ideal basis for many handling systems.

The stroke position and Stroke length of Dopow rodless pneumatic cylinder can be set variably along the entire length of the guided slide unit.

You can set Individually from both sides, underscoring the great flexibility during installation.

Dopow rodless pneumatic cylinder has the option and their very low height of ventilation from one side improves their integration capacity.

Dopow produces thousands of different rodless pneumatic cylinders to fit your applications.

We can produce your rodless pneumatic cylinder in a different size, appearance, and function.

For more than 20 years’ experience, we are dedicated to manufacturing, trading, and supplying an excellent quality rodless pneumatic cylinder.

We can manufacture and produce the rodless pneumatic cylinder under the supervision of deft professionals.

We have an expert team utilizing innovative technology and adhere to OEM and industry norms for quality production.

Dopow is one of the premier suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers of the rodless pneumatic cylinder for 20 years.

All Dopow products are engineered in our world-class manufacturing facility.

Aside from a rodless pneumatic cylinder, we also expertly manufacture pneumatic valve, air fitting, air fitting, and pneumatic accessories, compact air cylinder, airline equipment, and many more.

If you are interested in our rodless pneumatic cylinder, or if you have any questions and inquiries, please feel free to contact Dopow today.