Single Acting Pneumatic Cylinder

  • Aesthetically designed and fully engineered for higher performance
  • Manufactured using premium grade materials
  • Certified with various standard parameters
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Single Acting Aluminum Air Cylinder

These pneumatic devices convert compressed air into linear motion.

Single Acting Stainless-Steel Round Air Cylinder

These permanently lubricated, nonrepairable cylinders are dimensionally interchangeable with a variety of manufacturers’ cylinders.

Single Acting Cylinder

The chrome-plated carbon steel piston rod and stainless-steel tube provide corrosion resistance.

single acting pneumatic cylinder spring return

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, these cylinders can take the daily abuse associated with typical tailgate applications.

Your Leading Single Acting Pneumatic Cylinder Supplier

Dopow is the leading manufacturers of a single-acting pneumatic cylinder in China for 20 years. We can supply every customer with our single-acting pneumatic cylinder with high quality.

Aside from quality products, Dopow also provides professional service to our valuable costumers. We offer other services based on our costumers’ detailed requirements.

In our company, we have experienced staff and engineers’ team to provide free services of technical when need.

As a professional manufacturer, we can offer training services for our customers to help your business grow.

Further, Dopow can create and custom your ideal single-acting pneumatic cylinder needs. All in all, Dopow is your one-stop-shop for all your pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder’s needs for your business.

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Why Dopow Single Acting Pneumatic Cylinder

It is necessary to know your pneumatics whether single-acting or double-acting. Choosing the right cylinder is crucial!

When looking for specifying linear actuators, we must consider the types of operating principles.

Basically, there are two types of operating principles you need to consider, the single acting and double acting.

Therefore, Dopow produces a single-acting pneumatic cylinder also known as a single action air cylinder and as well as a double-acting pneumatic cylinder to fill out the needs in your industry.

Dopow single-acting pneumatic cylinder is one where the output force or thrust is developed in only one direction.

The piston of our single-acting pneumatic cylinder is returned by a fitted spring or other external means like mechanical movement, weight, gravity, or external spring.

Dopow can expertly manufacture all types of singles acting pneumatic cylinder for you.

We fabricate a push-type single-acting pneumatic cylinder and pull-type single-acting pneumatic cylinder.

Dopow single-acting pneumatic cylinder is widely used for clamping, marking, positioning, stroking, and light assembly operations.

The Dopow single-acting pneumatic cylinder is built with simple design, compact size, and reduction in valve and piping costs.

Our Dopow single-acting pneumatic cylinder is simpler, so there is less to maintain.

For your single-acting pneumatic cylinder needs, choose from our broad range air cylinder selection.

Seeking the right and functional single acting hydraulic cylinder nowadays is not easy.

Good news!  Dopow has highly qualified employees in our company who are trained inhouse to ensure the highest quality of our single-acting pneumatic cylinder.

What’s more, Dopow has gained the expertise in manufacturing a single-acting pneumatic cylinder in tune with our commitment to adhere to high quality standards.

We continually producing innovative single acting hydraulic cylinder for infinite application considering a variety of sizes and shapes, operating with ease, and holding capacity as well.

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