Slim Cylinder

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  • 20 years’ experience in manufacturing slim cylinder

If you are finding the best Double-acting Type Slim Cylinder, Dopow can cater. We are offering various types of Double-acting Type Slim Cylinder to meet your needs.

The Dopow Single-acting Push-out Type is engineered and designed for their durable life and higher performance.

All types of Double-acting Double Rod Type is available in different sizes. Clients can avail of our high-quality Double-acting Double Rod Type at affordable prices.

We can customize our Square Rod Double-acting Type for lowest price.

You can purchase our Double-acting Block Type whether single or bulk orders.


Your Leading Slim Cylinder Supplier

In China, Dopow is a leading slim cylinder manufacturer for 20 years.

As a slim cylinder manufacturer, we fabricate and distribute all types of slim worldwide. It includes Double-acting Type Slim Cylinder, Single-acting Push-out Type, Double-acting Double Rod Type, Square Rod Double-acting Type, Double-acting Block Type, and many more.

We manufacture a slim cylinder made from an impressive quality of materials.

We will extend our hands to help you get your desired slim cylinder for your business.

Dopow can construct and distribute a world-class slim cylinder to boom your business!

Send us your inquiry now! We will give you the best slim cylinder products.

Why Dopow Slim Cylinder

Dopow has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing slim cylinder products.

We are experts in manufacturing Dopow slim cylinder, mini hydraulic cylinder, pneumatic hydraulic cylinder, and many more.

Our Dopow slim cylinder is commonly made with steel, aluminum, mild steel, and metal.

Dopow can make your slim cylinder in different sizes, colors, and finish options. For the colors, it is a commonly black slim cylinder and white slim cylinder.

Dopow slim cylinder uses durable piston packing and PPY type for two-piston packing.

The Dopow slim cylinder prevents blow out and has a smooth movement from the low-speed area to a high-speed area.

You can mount Dopow slim cylinder whether simple mounting or high mounting precision. All comes easy installation in a narrow place.

At Dopow, we have customized designed of the slim cylinder for machinery, industry, and automation.

We strive to produce and distribute the right slim cylinder for you.

We make sure that all of our slim cylinders are functional to perfectly address the needs of the engineers.

For the highest quality slim cylinder, always count on Dopow because we used the finest quality materials for this.

In China, Dopow is the largest manufacturer of the slim cylinder for more than 20 years.

We are always fabricating an innovative slim cylinder for infinite application considering a variety of sizes and shapes, operating with ease, and holding capacity as well.

At Dopow, all of our best quality range of slim cylinder is successfully meeting the varied requirements of every customer.

We are capable to offer you a comprehensive range of slim cylinder with high performance, efficiency, and product resilience based on competitive prices.

Whether you are a slim cylinder distributor, supplier, or custom factory, relying on Dopow is always a good choice.

In fact, all of our slim cylinders and any other Dopow products have passed many certifications such as ISO 9001 and CE.

We are glad and excited to work with you as your long-term business partner.

For more information about our slim cylinder, please keep in touch with us.