Standard Cylinder

  • 20+ years’ experience in manufacturing pneumatic cylinder
  • Manufactured using superior quality materials
  • High-quality long service life
  • Full range of NFPA interchangeable mounting configurations

Dopow Standard DIN ISO 6432 Cylinder comes in different variants, such as through piston rods or square piston rods.

Dopow standard DIN ISO 6432 includes cylinder sizes from a diameter of 32. Of course, these cylinders are also available in different variants.

Dopow profile cylinder DNC is built and engineered for optimal performances.

Compact cylinder AND is designed for foil-filled alloy, bushing, and special housing.

single acting pneumatic cylinder spring return

Dopow standard cylinder DSBF comes with anodized aluminum cylinder tubes that can resist abrasion and corrosion.

Your Leading Standard Cylinder Supplier

For more than 20 years of manufacturing standard cylinder and support in on-site from our field personnel, Dopow is able to supply the best solution for your standard cylinder needs.

At Dopow, we will keep you on schedule and on your budget with our standard cylinder which is easy to install.

In our factory, Dopow can customize your ideal standard cylinder according to your specifications.

Guaranteed by our top-notch engineers, Dopow standard cylinder is being designed, engineer and manufacture for long life work.

These are fabricated and pre-engineered to meet your specific needs.

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Why Dopow Standard Cylinder

Dopow provides excellent quality standard cylinder solutions for many years in this industry.

We are an expert in manufacturing all types of hydraulic cylinders including double-acting hydraulic cylinder, standard cylinder, round body hydraulic cylinder, double-acting hydraulic cylinder, single-acting hydraulic cylinder, and many more.

Dopow standard cylinder is built and engineered for optimal performances.

We can provide standard cylinders which are the lightweight and compact aluminum body.

Dopow standard cylinder is designed for foil-filled alloy, bushing, and special housing.

These can provide the needed self-lubrication of the piston rod.

We can offer you high-quality long service life standard cylinders.

Unlike other competitors, the Dopow standard cylinder comes with anodized aluminum cylinder tubes that can resist abrasion and corrosion.

It can offer low internal friction.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of a standard cylinder with the highest quality, always count on Dopow.

All of the mounting dimensions of our standard cylinder in accordance with ANSI (NFPA) T3.6.7 R2-1996 products-square head industrial cylinder-mounting dimensions, and fluid power system.

Dopow is an expertly manufactured standard cylinder with different bore sizes.

We have DN 4”/100mm standard cylinder, DN 5”/125mm standard cylinder, DN 6”/160mm standard cylinder, DN 8”/200mm standard cylinder, DN 10”/250mm standard cylinder, and DN 12”/300mm standard cylinder.

During the whole production process of standard cylinders and other products from Dopow, we implemented the strict quality control standard to keep high quality.

We thoroughly control the process via a statistical process control system, standard operation procedure, and total productive management.

Most important of all, Dopow commits to providing the products with 100% inspection after assembly.

In fact, Dopow products are now exported to more than 90 countries around the globe.

Generally, Dopow is your reliable and one-stop solution for all your automation components that needs to support your business.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our standard cylinders.