VF5120 Single Pneumatic Valve with Grommet

Dopow VF5000 series Single Pneumatic Valve (VF5120/VF5220/VF5320/VF5420/VF5520) solenoid valve smc and manifolds is made for many threads and uses 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 ports with up to 20 manifold stations. This can also work with five port pilot type valves. It is ideal for metric, European and North American threads for all general user functions.

VF5120 Single Pneumatic Valve with Grommet

1.There are several ways of internal and external thread connection, suitable for the application in different pipeline systems.
2.The direction-change slides smoothly and has good hand feeling.
3.There is large effective circulating area.
4.The valve spool surface is treated with acid washing passivation, and the surface of valve body is oxidized to keep the color for a long time.

Operating pressure range2 position single/3 position


2 position double


Ambient and fluid temperature

-10~50ºC(No freezing)

Response time2 position single/double

20 ms or less (at pressure of 0.5Mpa)

3 position

40 ms or less(at the pressure of 0.5Mpa)

Max.operating frequency2 position single/double



3 position



LubricationNot required
Manual override

Non-locking push,Locking slotted type

Mounting orientation


 Shock/Vibration resistance