ZYC 016 glass drill bits

ZYC 016 glass drill bits are spear shaped, for clean cutting through tile, porcelain, glass and mirror.

  • Dimensions: 3*55 mm/4*65mm/5*70 mm/6*85 mm/8*100 mm/10*120 mm/ 12*120 mm
  • Product Type: Split Point Drill Bit.
  • Dimensions: 3 mm/4 mm/5 mm/6 mm/8 mm/10 mm/ 12 mm
  1. Glass and tile drill bits provide smooth, accurate drilling in ceramic tile, marble, china, mirrors and glass.
  2. Ideal for drilling fastener holes in bathroom tile or wall mirrors.
  3. The spear-pointed tip design reduces breakout, and the bit features a carbide tip for extended bit life.
  4. Use Material: Metal.