ZYC-028 brad point bits for wood

Dopow ZYC-028 brad point bits, fast clearing premium drill bit, Used in all types of wood, laminated boards, MDF.
Brad point bits are also known as dowel or W-point bits.
They can be recognized by the small point at the end of the bit.
The bit features spurs on either side of the point that are designed to cut clean, straight holes in all types of wood.

  1. The unique four flute design with two cutters and two spurs ensures fast and easy cutting of the wood before the hole is drilled.
  2. Fast clearing premium drill bit made from high grade M2 steel.
  3. The perfect drilling geometry not only makes holes more accurate, but also means holes can be drilled faster saving you time.
  4. This series brad point bits can be used in all types of wood, laminated boards, MDF .
  5. Available in both a long and short series.

Because the edges cut through the wood before the center breaks through, the bit does not grab.
These bits sometimes come with depth stops, or small rubber rings that fit around the bit to allow the user to choose the depth he or she would like to drill.
Dowel bits come in a huge variety of lengths and sizes.

CodeSize (mm)